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The managing director, Connie S. Gehrt, has a long experience with occupational health and safety and has been working in the maritime industry since 2002. She has a legal background supplemented by a narrative coaching and leadership education from DISPUK. She has over the years participated in numerous courses and conferences within health and safety and has further developed her skills within personal data protection, trauma and stress management, currently she is taking a Master’s degree in the Psychology of Organisations.


We help you prevent, prepare for and manage critical situations effectively and help you ensure that your team is performing in a safe and healthy manner. We provide assistance tailored to your company’s needs and to the need of individual employees. We are available globally and are open to all flags and locations.

To keep it simple, we provide our services through three distinct channels; tools, knowledge and consultancy services. Our services follows procedures and ethical standards which includes confidentiality.

If you want to know please go to contact or contact Connie Gehrt directly at or +45 4014 1084.

Our range of services

  • Psychological crisis counselling onshore and offshore 24/7/365

  • Emergency procedures and psychological first aid courses

  • Occupational health and safety solutions, e.g. campaigns aimed at providing knowledge, learning and awareness on health and safety.

  • Organisational development

  • Leadership

  • Loneliness at sea

  • Suicide prevention

  • Sexual harassment

  • Bullying and harassment

  • Stress managementt

Our team of psychologists and experts in health and safety are experienced and familiar with the challenges on board ships and in other parts of transport. We ensure that our team is regularly updated and ready to go and that our work is following established ethical standards and procedures.

Do you want to join the team?

We generally don’t accept or reply to unsolicited job applications. Should you however be an experienced psychologist with experience within examination and treatment of psychological trauma, you are welcome to contact Connie S. Gehrt at, if you are interested in discussing the possibilities of becoming part of our worldwide network of psychologists. We are on a case by case basis also interested in other specialist competencies within health and safety in the maritime industry or other areas of transport.