Develop your skills and competences by using a coach or mentor


Focus is your particular needs and challenges. What is the difference you could ask? Not that much really, but there can be good reasons for choosing one or the other based on what your needs are and what you are most comfortable with. Often we see that a combination of the tools are used with good results. Both forms and combinations are available at CONOVAH. The sessions are performed in fully confidential one to one sessions.



The core of coaching is questions. The questions from the coach and your answers will give you access to a deeper knowledge on the questions you are struggling with in your worklife or private life, who you are, what you want, how you are motivated, what the good solutions are for you and how you get there.

The questions will be relevant, irritating and dig into things that you may not ask yourself or be aware of.

Coaching is an important tool to reveal the important answers that can help you. You are the key to finding these answers and nobody but you can do this. The coach will help and support you.


The core of mentoring is also questions, but a mentor will also be able to give you advice based on his/her experience.

The essence is not to take in the advice directly, but to give you access to a broader range of possible ways forward that together with the questions will help you find your own way forward.

A mentor will be able to challenge you and widen your perspective on your own capabilities and help you get closer to your goals.

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