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Global psychological crisis assistance 24/7/365 offshore and onshore


We help you manage critical situations effectively and ensure that your team is performing in a safe and healthy manner. We help you and your employees manage and cope in events such as industrial accidents, deaths or other serious incidents on board, pressure of work, stress, dismissal and other work-related and/or personal issues in situations with accidents.



It is normal to react to an abnormal event. It is important to be aware of how your employees are supported and reactions to the event should become less over time. After a period the symptoms should disappear and the employee be back to normal. If that is not the case it can develop into PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and need professional treatment.

MANAGE CRISIS effectively

There are many benefits in managing crisis events also in regard to psychological assistance. You will be able to manage more effectively and also have you and your team up and running again faster than normal. You do not need to have employees that are troubled with experiences that can be handled. Every time you face a crisis it is an opportunity to improve

An effective workforce is of upmost importance for all companies today and not handling psychological effects will have an impact on your performance and economy


You can call for assistance 24/7/365 based on a framework agreement. We will normally recommend that we go through your procedures to ensure a good and effective setup around how you handle crisis situations and that we provide effective assistance. We tailor the assistance to your company needs and to the need of each employee that needs support.

We operate worldwide and have no requirements as to the flag of your ships or the location of your company. The team of professional psychologists can assist at the workplace worldwide whether onshore or offshore. We are also able to provide individual assistance locally in many parts of the world. The service follows procedures and ethical standards which includes confidentiality. Every request for assistance is handled immediately and in most cases the psychologist will be ready to travel within hours. In individual cases, an appointment will usually be made within within a few days.