A healthy workforce is very important for your business


Ensure that you are using your ressources effectively on your core business and not on accidents and other irregularities. Health and safety is important for all companies, especially within maritime and transport. There are many risks in the workplaces and why not try your best to handle these. 



We believe that your employees are your best defense and often they are the reason that accidents and other incidents have less consequences than they could have had. Are you aware of that? And are you aware how this can be strengthened?

We will use our knowledge of safety and make tailormade solutions for your organisation and challenges. Quick-fixes are nice and you have probably already been there. We prefer long-term solutions, because that is what it takes. All solutions and campaigns will be anchored in your organisation and we will assist you in improving.


Are you also having troubles with the mental working environment - bad leadership, bad communication, bullying and harassment, frustrations, stress, "you and them" communication. It does not have to be like that.

We will use our knowledge of organisations, teams and individuals to make tailormade solutions for your organisation and challenges with mental working environment. We know that it can be difficult to dig into the mental working environment and open "Pandoras box", nobody really wants to, but the benefits are so good and with assistance it is not that difficult - you may have to take some serious decisions and prioritise, but hey - you do that all the time. Look at yourself and your organisation with an open mind and get results you never dreamed of.


We know that food, sleep and exercise is extremely important for how we work and thrive. It is however very difficult in some working environments to accommodate these simple and essential human needs. Shipping, roadtransport, railways and air traffic all involves shorter or longer periods away from home and eating and sleeping is not in your regular home environment and exercise is usually very difficult.

We can help you look at the environment and the options you have for improving in the area and help you go new ways setting up the best framework for your employees health. We will take a holistic approach and look at systems, group dynamics and nudges and use the tools that best fit your challenges.

Please contact us for further information about health and safety services