Loneliness at sea


This project aims to put a spot on loneliness at sea and how this is affected by changes in the role of managers and technological developments.


The aim of the project

The project aims to identify issues that contribute to a feeling of loneliness amongst Danish seafarers, especially managers, and young seafarers’ expectations and demands when it comes to loneliness. This will also include identification of the factors that promote and inhibit loneliness at sea and how these are affected by changes to the role of managers and technology.

The project aims to make some recommendations and provide guidance on the basis of the survey on action that could help reduce loneliness at sea and strengthen the role of managers, together with tools and proposals for specific implementation by companies.

Facts about the project

CONOVAH is responsible for running the project. The project target group is seafarers, maritime educational institutions and shipping companies. An observer group will be appointed to monitor the project.

The project will run from 1 October 2018 to 31 March 2020.

The project is funded by Velliv Foreningen.

Facts about Velliv Foreningen

Velliv Foreningen has 340.000 members who are customers in the pension company Velliv. Every year, funds are allocated for non-profit efforts to increase the mental health of the working population of Danes. Everyone can apply for funding, irrespective of their connection with the pension company Velliv.

The purpose of the non-profit effort is to prevent working Danes from having problems with e.g. stress, anxiety and depression. On October 1, 2018, the Association Norliv changed its name to Velliv Foreningen, while Nordea Liv & Pension changed its name to Velliv. You can read more about Velliv Foreningen here.

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