Growing interest for mental health in Asia

2018 is approaching and it will be with a growing focus on mental health and well-being internationally.

I have recently returned from a great business trip to Singapore. I have also visited the Philippines, Australia and London this year and I see a growing interest for especially leadership and mental health and well-being at sea - especially in Asia.

There is an increased understanding of the benefits of better leadership and well-being, e.g. on safety and efficiency, but also that we need to be more modern in our ways of organizing work and addressing problems in order to attract and maintain competent people in the industry.

I look forward to the great assignments in 2018. It already looks exciting.

Looking back at 2017 that has also been a truly exciting year, starting out with having launched the great new Medical Guide for Seafarers at SEAHEALTH. If you have not seen it, please find it at

I then left SEAHEALTH after 10 interesting years and started my new company CONOVAH and I had the pleasure to move in with Danish Maritime in Herlev. CONOVAH has so far been a new and exciting adventure and I will use this opportunity to thank all of you that have been interested and supportive. I really appreciate that.

We will shortly publish some new material on psychological crisis counselling and on GDPR.

I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.

Managing Director,

Connie S. Gehrt