Mental health and wellbeing in Svendborg

Connie S. Gehrt from CONOVAH will be one of the speakers when mental health and wellbeing at sea will be discussed at the MDC event in Svendborg the 14 November 2019

At the event the range of topics are broad; loneliness, cooperation ship-shore, bullying, fatigue, internet, etc. We will engage the audience in the discussion with an aim to set a direction and give solutions, which can be implemented relatively easy and used when needed.

Awareness, communication, care and good leadership seem to be key components, but with specific tools you can also reach out.

Connie S. Gehrt will base her presentation on the study currently looking into what can increase or decrease the feeling of loneliness at sea. Being away at sea with a limited number of companions and with limited access to family, friends and activities can be demanding. Based on interviews with seafarers the presentation will look at what seems to be helpful and what can be constraints in everyday life and work at sea.

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Connie Gehrt