Learning from accidents - workshop in Copenhagen 12 September 2019

Based on the Costa Concordia case the workshop provides a learning opportunity. Open up to different perspectives, be curious and become able to learn from accidents.

When an accident occurs, we want to know the truth. To get to this objective, impartial truth we frantically search for ‘data’ in black boxes and log books. We interview those involved in accidents but often discard their views as conflicting, biased, distorted or defensive when they don’t coincide with this ‘data’. Our theories, methods, models and beliefs have difficulties in handling competing narratives and multiple versions of truth.

But the world is becoming uncertain, complicated and some would say complex. To learn from accidents, we need to understand the choices and compromises of those involved in accidents, their vulnerabilities, rationalities, decisions, failures and constraints to build a deeper understanding of the accident before we rush to make ‘improvements’. How else do we design and manage technologies of future? How else do we create a safer tomorrow? And how else do we balance learning and accountability?

Nippin Anand from Novellus Solutions will deliver this workshop. Nippin Anand is an internationally recognised specialist in human factors and safety management in maritime, oil and gas sector.

The workshop is chaired by Connie Gehrt from CONOVAH and Vivek Menon from SEA HEALTH & WELFARE.

Join us for an interesting day - watch the short introvideo to the Costa Concordia case and this video from the workshop in Aberdeen.

For further information and to register, please use this link - there is an early bird discount if you register before 5 July 2019.

We are looking forward to see you in Copenhagen 12 September 2019.

Connie Gehrt