Well-being and loneliness at sea - MSSM 2019

Under the heading Well-being - can we find happiness on board? we will engage the audience in a discussion on well-being problems and solutions at the MSSM 2019 conference next week in Esbjerg.

Loneliness, cultural differences, leadership, internet and ship-shore communication are just some of the topics that we will touch on and discuss. The conference topic is “A shared responsibility” and we will also include this in this session.

Connie S. Gehrt, CONOVAH and Julianne Sloth Bach, Danish Seamen’s Church will present and both presentations will draw on interviews and experiences shared by seafarers and stakeholders in the maritime industry. We welcome if the audience will also voice their experiences and suggestions in this session.

If you want to know more about the MSSM 2019 conference follow this link

The project on loneliness at sea is running until 31 March 2020 and you can read more here.

Connie Gehrt