Manage stress before it is too late


Generally speaking stress is a natural way of our body to help us in critical situations. Short-term stress is for a clear and time-limited reason beneficial. The time that you are in a stressful situation is crucial to whether stress is stimulating or destructive. You can define stress as an overload condition, which can be both mental and physical. Load mode occurs when external or internal requirements exceed the resources that the individual has - or experience that he or she has.


What is stress?

The body will be in constant preparedness mode where the levels of adrenaline and cortisol are high. When the body is in high alert, you may neglect the need for food and sleep and other basic needs and this can strengthen the wear and strain of the body. Symptoms of prolonged stress may be that the ability to remember is affected, the desire for sex falls, and the immune system is weakened. Finally, longer-term or repeated stress periods may cause depression and cardiovascular disease.


As an individual you should seek help if you feel stressed or are concerned that you are seriously stressed. Serious stress needs to be taken care of. Serious stress can have a number of consequences both physical and mental. Some of these can be very serious. You should contact your doctor to ensure that the symptoms are related to stress and not other illness. You should seek professionel assistance from a psychologist or other professional with expertise in stress to help you manage your situation.


Create a good working environment where there is a good balance between demands and resources, ensure that personnel have as much influence as possible in organising their own work and involve them in the work planning. Social support from colleagues and management should be available, each employee should be able to understand and see the purpose of what they are doing and make them perceive the work as meaningful.

Predictability is important and your employees should have regular and relevant information about plans, goals and strategies both on a company level and what is relevant to the individual work tasks, a good work done should also be recognized, and regular feedback is important whether on personal efforts or team level.

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